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16/03 19:59     AI-powered Google Lens visual search tool is now available on iOS devices (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 19:34     Adobe posts record revenue yet again, earning $2.08 billion in Q1 of 2018 (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 19:09     The New York Times is looking to hire a Photo Director (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 17:34     Samsung wants to dethrone Sony, reach #1 in the global image sensor market (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 16:18     Moar Megapixels! Pixel peeping a 709MP drum scan of 8x10 slide film (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 15:04     The Android-only LyfieEye200 is 'the world's smallest VR/AR camera' (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 14:15     Syrp launches Magic Carpet Pro slider with 'infinitely extendable' track (via : Dpreviews)
16/03 13:00     Sony interview: 'If cameras are going to develop, manufacturers have to develop mirrorless technologies' (via : Dpreviews)
15/03 16:57     Large format macro: a crazy wet plate photography experiment (via : Dpreviews)
15/03 15:15     Fujifilm X-H1 Review (via : Dpreviews)
15/03 15:03     Behind the scenes: Shooting Lamborghinis in the snow (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 20:31     Google explains the tech behind the Pixel 2's Motion Photos feature (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 20:15     Novoflex's new TrioPod PRO75 modular tripod can handle 'immense load' (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 19:25     Video: 360° 8K timelapse of the aurora borealis during a lunar eclipse (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 17:21     Vivo's AI-powered 'Super-HDR' tech takes on Google's HDR+ (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 16:39     Teardown video shows how the Galaxy S9 variable aperture works (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 15:08     This may be Amelia Earhart?s Leica, and you can buy it for $69,000 on eBay (via : Dpreviews)
14/03 13:00     Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8 FE sample gallery and impressions (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 22:17     Google just made the tech behind its 'portrait mode' open source (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 21:59     Huawei shares P20 triple-cam teaser videos (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 21:46     Fujifilm GFX 50S firmware update adds Focus Bracketing and 35mm Format Mode (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 17:16     NYC photo tour helicopter crashes in the East River, claiming five lives (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 15:52     Adobe Creative Cloud prices will increase April 16th, Photography Plan will stay the same (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 14:58     Canon CEO: 'we will go on the offensive... in the mirrorless camera market' (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 13:36     Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year (via : Dpreviews)
13/03 13:00     Documenting a custom bike build with the Fujifilm X-E3 (via : Dpreviews)
12/03 22:17     The Broccoli Tree and the dangers of sharing photos of the places you love online (via : Dpreviews)
12/03 21:40     Shiftcam 2.0 iPhone add-on offers 6-in-1 lens-slider and 'Pro' lens options (via : Dpreviews)
12/03 21:21     Report: Agfa Vista film is no more, stock drying up world-wide (via : Dpreviews)
12/03 20:38     'I'm Back' digital back for analog SLRs successfully returns to Kickstarter (via : Dpreviews)